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“Water is the medium through which most climate change will be felt” Prof Mike Muller

In February 2011, the City of Cape Town passed a new bylaw requiring all sellers of properties under its jurisdiction to submit plumbing certificates of compliance to the municipality before transfer of ownership can take place.

The city of Cape Town loses approximately 79 000 million litres of potable water per year in the distribution system, it was deemed necessary to add this clause to the By-law as there is currently very little the City can do to control water wastage on domestic properties that do  not have account arrears.

The certificates must be issued by qualified plumbers, registered on the CoCT’s Data Base of Plumbers, and must certify that:

  • The Hot Water Cylinder installation complies with SANS 10252: and SANS 10254:
  • The water pipes in the plumbing installation (especially within the roof space) are properly saddled as per SANS 10252:
  • The water meter records the flow when water is drawn, and does not register when consumption stops.
  • The private isolating valve as per subsection 23(2) (a) or (b) is in place and functioning.
  • None of the terminal water fittings leak and they are correctly fixed in position.
  • No storm water is discharged into the sewerage system.
  • There is no cross connection between the potable supply and any alternate supply.

The bylaw requires that any remedial work be undertaken before the CoC can be issued, and stipulates that the seller is responsible for the repair costs.

“Our water resources are increasingly under threat due to increasing demand and climate change impact” Dr Steve Lennon